Nadig Family Farm

Healthy, organically-fed livestock, locally owned and operated!

Welcome to the Nadig Family Farm

Nadig Family Farm prides itself on farming that is not only healthy for the consumer, but also for the land and the animal. Located in Rochelle IL, the Nadig Family Farm got started in 2007 when they received a gift of a few ewes. Before long, John and Charlotte Nadig were running a humane and healthy livestock farm. Several practices go into producing this healthy environment, including management intensive grazing, natural diet, and open-air living for livestock.

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Grass fed cattle grazing

Our Livestock

Grass fed and organically raised, our goal is to provide healthy food for our customers, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our livestock.

Nadig Family Farm - Organic All-Natural Livestock

Grass Fed Beef

We process beef monthly so our customers always get the freshest meat around. Reserve your 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef bundle today! Locally raised beef with our healthy philosophy means you get the best tasting meat around direct from the farm.

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Nadig Family Farm - Organic All-Natural Livestock

Grass Fed Lamb

Whole lamb is available during the end of the season every year, and will be available in October/November. We raise a variety of Finn, Merino, and Texel sheep - which leads to a very muscular, lean and mild tasting meat.

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Nadig Family Farm - Organic All-Natural Livestock

Organically Fed Pork

Hogs are given an organic diet, consisting of whey and grain, supplemented with apples, walnuts, and raw milk. Available between summer and fall, our hog is 100% organic, and sure to offer something for everyone.

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Fresh from the Farm

Grass Fed Beef Bundles:

These bundles include approx. 25lbs of assorted Beef (roasts, steaks, ground, soup bone, stew meat)

Only $229.00 - add $55 for overnight shipping (Chicagoland area)