Nadig Family Farm

Meet the Nadig Family

John and Charlotte Nadig and their growing family live in Cortland, Illinois.

John grew up on a beef cattle farm in NW Illinois, and Charlotte grew up exploring and enjoying her grandparents' farm. Charlotte has always wanted to live on a farm and own sheep. John has always wanted to farm raising livestock. They got a start in the spring of 2007 when someone graciously gave them a few ewes (female sheep.) Soon after, John got a hold of a book by Joel Salatin and they haven't looked back!

"Basically, we were given a vision for being able to farm in such a way that is healthy for the land, healthy for the animals, healthy for our family, and produces healthy food"

"Our farming venture is intimately connected to our desire to provide healthy, chemical free food to our children and practice what we consider to be godly stewardship over the land and animals under our care. Our farm is about promoting health, building the soil, reducing stress, fostering biodiversity, working with the seasons and the environment where we live, providing a locally raised healthy real food, and providing our animals with a humane natural living environment and natural whole foods. With our production models, the costs and environmental factors involved with shipping food long distances are removed by building local food systems. When you add in the bonus of getting to know our customers and building community, farming becomes a beautiful lifestyle, just as it is supposed to be."

The Nadig Way

We are committed to being grass farmers and believe that the pasture is the most natural, stress free, and nutritionally sound environment for our livestock.

We practice management intensive grazing, which means our animals are moved to fresh forage regularly (usually daily).

Our livestock are fed on what would be a natural diet for them. Cattle and sheep are on pasture in the warm months and fed hay in the winter supplemented with organic mineral, sea salt, and probiotics. Poultry and hogs are also offered organic grain.

We DO NOT use growth hormones, routine antibiotics, or GMO feed

We consider ourselves stewards of the land and of the flocks and herds under our care. Our goal is to allow our livestock to flourish as a part of a holistic, synergystic farm.

We manage our pastures for optimal health and growth for both the land and the animals. We lamb and calve seasonally for reduced stress and nutritional benefits for the lactating mothers.

Our animals are not kept in confinement, but have continual access to fresh air and sunshine