Custom Cutting Guide

Custom Cutting Guide


Custom cutting allows you to have your meat cut up, wrapped, and frozen in portions that are right for your needs!

What you want to think about is…

  – how thick do you want your steaks?

  – how many steaks do you want wrapped together per package?

  – how big do you want your roasts cut?

  – how much ground meat do you want? If there are cuts that you seldom cook, you can have them added into the ground beef, for example.

  – you can have portions thin cut to make your own jerky

  – Eickman’s even will make the jerky for you (additional cost)

  – Smoking and curing of meats is available, also no nitrate curing-if you like to make bone broth, request to keep the extra bones (dogs love them too)

  – organ meat

There are many, many options in getting your meat custom cut. If you are new at it, the processor will help make it easy by walking you thru the choices and you may find a new cut of meat that you have never tried before!