Grass Fed Lamb

Grass Fed Lamb


$100.00 Deposit

Quick description:

Pastured, grass fed lamb

$6/lb hanging weight(processing not included)

Approximate weight per whole lamb is 60 lbs

Approximate full price per whole lamb is $360

All lamb is custom cut and picked up at Eickman’s Processing in Seward, IL

Processing fees are paid directly to processor.


In Stock

Description :

100% grass fed lamb

No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

Raised outdoors on pasture

Locally processed at family owned, humane USDA inspected meat processor

How it works:

We take in lamb seasonly to Eickman’s Processing in Seward, IL.

When you pay a deposit, we will put you on our list and reserve a lamb for you.

The balance will be due at the time of delivery to the processor. You will be charged per pound for the actual hanging weight of the lamb.

You will communicate your cutting and wrapping instructions directly to the processor.

Once the lamb is cut, wrapped, and frozen, Eickman’s will contact you to come pick it up.

Processing cost is paid at time of pick up.


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